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Eswatini Nazarene Health Institution - ENHI

The Eswatini Nazarene Health Institution (ENHI) comprises of the 350 bed Raleigh Fitkin Memorial (RFM) Hospital located in the densely populated region of Manzini, and the twenty (20) Nazarene Community Clinics operating in the four regions of Eswatini serving an aggregate population of 350 000 for RFM Hospital and 250 000 for all the clinics. This makes ENHI a major player in the Health Sector in Eswatini and ENHI is a mission organisation which also leads in patient volumes in Eswatini with a coverage of 40-50% of the country’s population.

Diagnostic Imaging

This department offers radiological investigations to in patients and out patients from the hospital, other public and private health institutions. The department is able to perform ultrasounds and x-rays.

The hospital hopes to expand the infrastructure to accommodate a CT-Scanner and mammogram.

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Out-Patient Department

The OPD provides services to members of the public with a range of medical and surgical conditions. This includes:

  • a diabetes clinic (every Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday);
  • an eye clinic (Monday - Friday); and
  • a TB Clinic (Monday – Friday).

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Obsterics & Gynaecology

This department provides service to out patients at the Mother and Child Health Clinic (MCH), ER and private OPD, as well as in patient services. The in patient areas consist of the gynecology and obstetric wards, labour and delivery rooms, and the post-partum ward. Some women are also admitted to the private ward. The main reasons for admission to the ward are infections such as severe Pelvic Infection Disease (PID),

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The unit provides preventative and curative medical services for all children under the age of 13. The surgical department sees children with surgical-related conditions. The unit has out patient services at the Mother & Child Heath Clinic (MCH), Emergency Room, and private Out Patient Department (OPD), as well as in patient services in the Children’s Ward, the special care nursery (SCN), and the private ward.

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Intensive Care Unit

The RFM ICU & Renal Unit are equipped with the best of equipment in the 21st century. It is believed that this equipment will improve healthcare delivery to the nation. In the past few weeks, all ICU & Renal Unit staff members, as well as other cadres of the healthcare team had an opportunity to undergo training on various equipment.

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Emergency Room
Eye Clinic
Internal Medicine
Male Circumcision
Mother & Child Health Clinic
Private Service
Renal Dialysis Unit
Social Welfare
TB Clinic
VCT & ART Clinic